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Affordable, Easy to use, Easy to setup Home Automation and Control

It's been great

We regret to inform you that we will be shutting down the MyCortexa servers. Users will no longer be able to connect to their Cortexa Systems anymore.

We will also no longer be able to offer support of any kind going forward.

Again we are deeply sorry for any inconveniences this may cause you. 

What is Home Automation and Control?

Home Automation and control is the ability to control your home's lighting, thermostat, appliances, security systems, security cameras, home theater, and more from either within your home or outside it, and to allow them to run automaticly. 

Control your home

your home. just better.

Control and monitor your entire home from anywhere in the world. It's about time you got an affordable easy to use home control system.

Home automation for everyone.

Control your hotel

your hotel. just better.

From lights to shades to the TV , give your guests an experience they will never forget. Yes it's affordable for any and all hotels.

5 star luxury at a 3 star price.

Control it all

your life. just better.

From light switches to thermostats, to garage doors to lawn sprinklers to alarm systems. Control it all, anytime anywhere.

Mix and match technologies to suit your needs.