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Affordable, Easy to use, Easy to setup Home Automation and Control

Benefits of Cortexa

Using new technologies Cortexa will create a home that is accessible to all. At Cortexa, we feel that if someone can fill out an online-survey or an online registration, they should be able to manage their home using the Cortexa. 

With a product designed with the end-user in mind, the backend setup pages have a similar feel to the front end user experience. End users should be comfortable on the setup pages as they are on the user interface. We believe that interfaces that make the user feel that they need computer programming knowledge is the wrong approach. The experience should be enjoyable and pleasant to look at.

Other automation systems come at the problem from different ways and for different reasons. The Cortexa has enough power to be able to handle multiple drivers at the same time. It also incorporates a unique foundation that allows for easy expansion of the system to grow and expand with the customer as technologies change. Cortexa has been lucky to redesign our technologies for the end users.