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Affordable, Easy to use, Easy to setup Home Automation and Control

Compare Cortexa to the other home automation and control systems and you will see why your choice should be Cortexa Automation

Cortexa Automation

Compatible with: Z-wave, Insteon, Lutron Radio RA2, Lutron Homeworks, HAI, UPB, Global Cache, Centralite, Rain8, DSC, Elk, GE, T.E.D., Honeywell, D-Link, Panasonic, Napco and many more


Compatible with Z-wave


Compatible with Z-wave

Can be installed by a profesional or do it your self home owner

Must be installed by a profesional

Can only be installed by a Do it your self home owner.

Only $4.17 a month

Anywhere from $49.99 - 68.99 a month.

$10.00 a month plus Verizon high speed internet or FIOS service.

No Actication Fee

One time activation fee

No activation fee

Lighting control through a wide variety of in wall light switches and lamp modules.

Lighting control only through one type of lamp module or light switch.

Lighting control only through one type of lamp module.

Integrate with your current security system and monitor or choose from a wide variety of systems and providers

Must use proprietary central security monitoring 

No central security montioring

Can be used in residential and small offices

Residential use only

Only for residential use

Monitor and control your garage door from anywhere

No garage door control

No garage door control

Control your lawn sprinklers based on current and future weather conditions

No lawn sprinkler control

No lawn sprinkler control

Control Audio / Video equipment

No audio / video control

No audio / video control

All information about Vivint taken from their website All information about Verizon taken from their website